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We are proud to be the first Therapeutic Riding Center in Washington State to have a lift system in place.

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Spirit Therapeutic Riding Center
1051 Sorenson Road
Ellensburg, WA 98926

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David and Evelyn Jones, Owners Spirit Therapeutic Riding Center – Washington State

The product and the customer service are the best!

I need no longer worry that one of my caregivers runs the risk of putting their back out while assisting me. In addition to all of this it greatly helps with the effort of getting me dressed.

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Louise Koby. Private user with ALS - NYC, New York

The Body Support gives me great flexibility to move around the house


Forty year old Jeroen Fokke from Amsterdam has been an MS patient for more than 10 years. Thanks to a ceiling lift with the Surehands® Body Support from Handi-Move, installed in his home by Tiltechniek, Jeroen is able to live independently. "The Body Support gives me great flexibility to move around the house," says Jeroen. "My parents are also enthusiastic about this solution."

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Jeroen Fokke, Amsterdam/The Netherlands

I've been a SureHands® user since 1993

I want to commend you and your employees for two decades of exemplary service.

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Karen Ward - Private user with MD - New Jersey

For functionality, safety, and reliability, you can’t beat my SureHands


I have found the SureHands® to be a very reliable piece of equipment. I have had only one ­problem in 6 years, and that was only due to ­normal wear and tear, and was immediately repaired.

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Gary Lust, Private user with Becker’s MD, New York

SureHands® has moved us into the 21st century with EASE


Our large (546 bed) residential, state facility has approximately 150 non-ambulatory, developmentally disabled individuals, many of whom are aging, medically fragile and with multiple handicaps. A large component of Physical Therapist’s time includes ongoing in-servicing on proper body mechanics and manual lifting techniques as well as instruction on mechanical lift systems.

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Sherry Rowe, PT Director in a large state facility, North Carolina

You’ve given me my life back.


It’s so nice not to have nurses come in to take care of me anymore… all because of my SureHands® lift system. And, yes, I’m still taking showers for as long as I want even though it’s been seven years since I purchased my lift. Recently I calculated the amount of money I have saved in nursing costs since I got my lift. It’s approximately $250,000. Keep in mind this does not account for inflation; I’m sure they make far more now!!!

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Sandy Holden, SCI C5/6 Quad, independent user

I can count on SureHands to be my perfect “assistant” and get the job done right

d sheypuk

I have been using SureHands lifts on a daily basis since Junior High School and they have followed me from home, through college, then graduate school where I received my Ph.D in clinical psychology, and now at my place of work where I am a psychologist.

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Danielle Sheypuk, Ph.D. Psychologist and Model Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type2 Ms. Wheelchair New York 2012, USA

A sense of independence and confidence in our student


The SureHandS® lift has not only provided safe and easy transfers but has promoted a sense of independence and confidence in our student.”“Karl Davis is a 13 year old boy who attends seventh grade at Valley Central Middle School. He has a medical diagnosis of Duchenne’s MuscularDystrophy. He negotiates the school environment using a manual wheelchair and with the assistance of a 1:1 Para-professional.

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Patty Arnott, PT- Valley Central, Middle School, Montgomery, New York

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