“For functionality, safety, and reliability, you can’t beat my SureHands”

Gary Lust, Private user with Becker’s MD, New York

“I am afflicted with Becker’s muscular dystrophy.Among other things, it has affected my mobility. I was able to transfer manually up until 1996 when I fell while transferring from my wheelchair andbroke both my legs. Then I discovered theSureHandS® Track-to-Track system. Because ofmy SureHandS®, I only need one person to help with the routine activities of daily living, such as transferring to and from my wheelchair, bed, bath and toilet and in a completely safe and comfortablemanner. I especially like using their contoursling; I always feel secure while beingtransferred. As a 45 year-old manof at least average weight, it is not an exaggeration for meto state that in my opinion,my SureHandS®is the only thing keeping me out of a nursinghome. It would take at least three attendants to give me the same degree of mobility as that given me by my SureHandS® and one caregiver.I have found theSureHandS® to be a very reliable piece of equipment. I have had only one problem in 6 years, and that was only due to normal wear and tear,and was immediately repaired.”

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