Entrepreneur Thomas Herceg incorporated his company in 1976 with one goal – to help restore health to people following debilitating illnesses or injuries. After tragedy struck Herceg’s youngest sister and one of his younger technicians in the field, Tom was “all in” for risking everything to make an even more significant difference with his “start-up”.

He pivoted his profitable company to bring a life-changing lift to wheelchair users. The new transfer device offered better hygiene and offered independence when a Hoyer could not. through self-transfers! From that point, Tom bootstrapped SureHands lift&care® into a national design, distribution, and service network built from the ground up. Americans finally gained access to the most reliable lift&care® systems available anywhere in the world.

SureHands® has grown in 44 years to serve individuals, families, and professionals coast-to-coast. We help promote health, hygiene, and independence for all types of individuals - from the teen living with CP to the aging Veteran who wants his home accessible for life.

We are proud to continue to work to put better health in your hands.
Stay well and stay tuned for new products and services to come.

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