Pool lifts

Wheelchair-to-Water™ Pool Lift - SureHands Patient lift hoist

Wheelchair-to-Water™ Pool Lift

Move directly from your wheelchair to the pool

  • Folds up easily
  • Compact, convenient mobile operation with four castors
  • Made from sturdy stainless steel
  • Fully safe close to the water
  • Operates from rechargeable batteries
  • Emergency stop button halts all motion of the lifting arm


Pool Lift - SureHands Patient lift hoist

Ceiling motor as pool lift

Even larger lifting range

  • Always ready for use.
  • Exceptionally well suited to intensive use, such as with large groups of wheelchair users.
  • Easy to use with pools having narrow decks.
  • Even larger lifting range than the mobile pool lift.
  • Usable for hydrotherapy.


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