As versatile as a pair of hands

The partnership between SureHands® and Handi-Move allows us to provide patient lift solutions that can be used with an attendant or independently. The innovative patient lift systems developed by Handi-Move offer a variety of lift system options to help physically-challenged men, women and children or their caregivers. Custom solutions that aid in accessing the bed, bath, shower or toilet can also help in changing clothes, catheterization, standing and ambulation, taking a swim or even mounting a horse.

We recognize the unique requirements of the population we serve. That is why SureHands Lift & Care Systems are popular for both homecare and professional consumers. Wherever there is a need for a practical and innovative approach to safe patient care or self care, we have the answer. Our ability to solve our customers’ problems is the key to our success. The goal is to give every customer expert advice and design a lift system specific to their needs. Whether you want to transfer for activities of daily living, physical therapy programs or recreation, SureHands offers you the most efficient remedy.

Disability equipment that maximizes ability! SureHands makes independent living a reality for many people. Self-transferring from wheelchair to toilet, bed, or bath with the Body Support is a reality for many users who had previously needed assistance. SureHands ceiling lift systems overcome barriers while leaving open floor space.

SureHands offers a variety of lift system solutions. A ceiling lift, wall lift, mobile lift or even a specially designed lift for the pool can help you accomplish your transfer goals. Your SureHands representative will work closely with you and your caregiver. We will provide layouts and designs that will accentuate the function of each lift system. SUREHANDS ceiling lift systems are discreetly and professionally installed to blend the system with your architectural goals. We will work with your builder or architect to optimize your ceiling lift in new construction, or show you how to integrate a lift system into your existing structures.

SureHands Lift & Care Systems are practical for both private and professional users. Our versatility allows us to serve private homes, group homes, schools, hospitals, day care centers or any setting that requires mobility equipment for patient care. Safe patient handling from one place to another will protect the user/patient as well as their caregiver. A SureHands lift system combined with the Body Support, universal sling, hygiene sling or any of our wide variety of slings can help reduce attendant injury when providing patient care.

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