My SureHands lift does everything I need it to do and it is so easy to use

Michael Ratner, Plattsburgh, NY, IBM

Only a year ago, I had a little mobility with the aid of a walker, but I was falling a lot. That is when I called SureHands Lift & Care Systems. Carol from SureHands came to my house and did a demo, answered my questions, and was very helpful in finding the right solution for me.

Even though my house has different ceiling heights, Carol recommended a lift system that allowed me to transfer in the bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Using three pieces of track, a portable motor, and a sling I can get to my bed, recliner, or shower.

The SureHands lift is so easy to use it only takes one home care aide to easily lift me. Recently I was in the hospital and the lift they were using required two or three assistants to do the transfers, which made me realize how lucky I was to get the right system at the right time.

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