Joni Berardi-Williams, Independent user, Mentor, OH, MS

Joni Berardi-Williams, Independent user, Mentor, OH, MS

I love being able to do things for myself. I have always been the one to do things for others, not the other way around, so I love that my SureHands lift lets me be independent. As my MS progresses it gets harder and harder to transfer. At first, I could not figure out how people would get on a toilet and wiggle out of their cloths I even imagined something that could go under the arms and would leave my bottom open.  Then I saw the SureHands Lift & Care Systems with the Body Support and I thought… that is it! 

My local representative, Gary, came to my home and determined that I had enough upper body strength to use a Body Support, and it has been a blessing. My husband can go on vacation while I stay home and do my own routine. We are even looking to get an RV with a SureHands lift in it so I can go on vacations too.  The SureHands Lift & Care System has saved me, I can’t tell you... it has saved me. 

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