“SureHands lift systems are amazing!”

Claudette Boyer, wife, caregiver

Claudette speaks from experience having provided care for her husband while he lived with ALS.

When we first got the SureHands ceiling lift over the bed, my husband Bob could use it independently with a Body Support. Even as his ALS progressed, Bob could still manage to bring the lift to himself, keeping him as independent as possible. With the openness of the Body Support, I could get his pants down and dress him without rolling him over in the bed. It was a lot easier on him, and it made it a lot easier for me.

I remember one time Bob had to use a different lift and sling when we went to Texas, and I couldn’t wait to get home to use our SureHands lift. It made me think about how the SureHands lift system was easier to use as a caregiver.

Bob also had a SureHands pool lift and it was great! He could get in the pool and float on an air mattress, it was so beneficial to him.

Your equipment gave my husband the independence he needed, giving him a will to last longer than expected. It also made my life so much easier than the traditional equipment. Your representative, Shane Thompson, fought alongside me to get the best for him. What a man with a heart! Thank you so much.

I would recommend a SureHands Lift & Care Systems for anyone, especially someone who is looking to use it by themselves, they would really benefit. If people research lift systems they will find SureHands is the easiest to use. We loved both of our SureHands Lift & Care Systems, they were amazing for us!

Claudette Boyer, wife, caregiver
In honor of SSG Robert Boyer, Davenport, FL Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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