Stand-Assist 1620

Stand-Assist 1620 , Active sling

Quickly lifts to a standing position – ideal for toileting

  • An outstanding aid for daily care.
  • The lower body remains free, so the caregiver can easily undress or dress the user.
  • Supports in an upright position
  • Compact and maneuverable in confined spaces
  • Equipped with a built-in battery charger and replaceable battery pack.

Stand-Assist 1620

Users who, because of reduced muscle tone, have difficulty in getting up from a sitting position can quickly and easily go to the toilet thanks to the stand-assist.


Support and balance

The user’s feet are placed onto the footboard of the stand-assist while the user is in a seated position.During lifting and moving the user’s lower legs are supported by the adjustable knee pad. The knee pad helps to keep the body in balance during lifting and standing.

Stand-Assist 1620 , Active sling

Compact and manoeuverable in smallrooms

The stand-assist is easy to manoeuver in tight spaces because of the short base length. The base is also adjustable in width to go around wheelchairs or geriatric chairs. It is precisely because of its compact design and features that the stand-assist is ideal for transfers in small rooms such as bathrooms and toilets.

Removable and exchangeable battery holder with charger

The stand-assist is operated by a battery located in an exchangeable battery holder incorporated into the device.The battery section of this assembly is
removable from the charger so that it can be easily exchanged with a freshly charged battery. Or, it can remain on the unit for charging when not in use. An LCD screen indicates when the battery requires charging. A fully charged battery can carry out 40 lifts. For those who use the stand-assist continuously a removable battery pack is ideal: while you are using one battery the other is being charged .

Stand-Assist 1620

The lower body remains free

The big advantage of the stand-assist is that the lower body remains free so that lower body clothing can be removed without difficulty. With the help of a sling supporting the back and under the arms the user is lifted into a standing position.The sling is fitted quickly and easily without placing too much pressure on the shoulders. The system is designed to support the body as much as possible, without overloading the shoulder line.The stand-assist is also an excellent aid when dealing with incontinent patients.

Stand-Assist 1620 , Active sling

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