Slings / Seat sling PVC

SureHands - Seat sling PVC Enjoy your bath in comfort

Enjoy your bath in comfort

  • Made of PVC for flexibility, strength and easy maintenance
  • Slight recline position offers safe support during lifting
  • Fits into wheelchair or chair for ease of use
  • Seat is perforated to let water flow out...dries easily
  • Can be used with all SureHands Lift & Care Systems
  • Assumes the form of the bath
  • Reinforced seating surface and backrest
  • Adjustable loop length

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For people who are still actively able to sit on the bath seat, either independently or with assistance.Water drains through the perforated sitting surface of the plastic seat.Adapts to the shape of the bottom of the bathtub.Can be adjusted to various positions.Easy to maintain.Can also be used in a swimming pool.Option: safety harness.

Ceiling lift for pools, with an attendant

Ceiling lift for pools, with an attendant

Motorized Wheelchair-to-Water Pool lift

Wall-to-wall lift

Track-to-Track Motor™

Ceiling motor with bath seat, child, use with caregiver

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