How do I choose a sling?

With so many to choose from, a person's abilities, activities, and comfort all go into choosing a sling.

In addition to the use of a specific lifting system, there is also the choice of how to support the body when carrying out the transfer. 

The body support is made from flexible materials such as textile (= non-rigid) which adapts to the shape of the body or from rigid materials such as plastic or stainless steel (= rigid).

The common name for a non-rigid support is ‘sling’.

When used correctly, a sling has a positive impact on the safety, comfort and dignity of the person.

The type of sling, the choice of a certain type of material and the choice of size depend on the person to be lifted. The choice must be based on a risk analysis which takes into account, among other things:

  • the need for support
  • control of the head
  • unexpected movements
  • stability of the torso...

It is crucial to choose the correct size sling for a specific person. This is generally determined by the person’s weight and height. But sometimes specific measurements are necessary. In that case, of a tailor-made sling is the best solution.

The choice of fabric from which the sling is made depends on the purpose of the transfer, the comfort level for the caregiver, and the person to be moved.

  • Complete / full fabric (polyamide): comfortable, soft
  • Mesh fabric (polyamide): breathable, dries fairly quickly
  • Polyamide / parachute fabric: fewer pressure points, easier to apply
  • PVC: dries quickly, ideal for a wet transfer

Our advisers will be happy to assist you in selecting your sling. Please contact us. 

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