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SureHands - Bathing sling For transfers to and from the bath

For transfers to and from the bath

  • The bottom and lower back remain free thanks to the large opening.
  • Ideal for intimate care.
  • Includes a waist belt with Velcro closure for added safety and support.
  • Easy to fit.
  • With or without head support.
  • Made from PVC.
  • Easy to clean and/or dry after use.

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The shape of the bathing sling is identical to that of the hygiene sling – only the material is different. The bathing sling is made of maintenance-friendly, latexfree,slip-proof, synthetic material that can be easily wiped dry. The bathing sling can be used dry as an alternative to the hygiene sling. A version with headsupport is also available for the bathing sling.

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