Spreader bars / Standard spreader bar

Standard spreader bar

  • Four-point bar.
  • Wider suspension point spacing for increased sitting comfort.
  • Adequate headroom.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Attached directly to the eye nut.

Spreader bars

Hand-Move hoist systems can be fitted with all types of spreader bars. The loops of the slings are attached to the spreader bar. The curved shape provides a safe space around the user's head. The user's view is not impaired, so he or she can follow the actions of the caregiver.The sling loops can be attached or removed quickly and safely, which saves time and energy for caregivers.Two-point or four-point bars (two or four suspension points): the two-point type is often used in combination with a toilet sling, bath sling, or bath seat. The four-point bar is primarily used with a standard sling.A four-point bar with a standard sling provides better pressure distribution and is more comfortable thanks to the greater distance between the shoulder and leg loops.Three models: standard, combi, and conventional.With the conventional and combi models, you can quickly switch back and forth between a body support and a spreader bar.

Spreader bars

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