Safety belt

Safety belt

  • Padded belt
  • Aid for standing transfers, repositioning in bed and leg transfers
  • Height 8.46 inch (3609)
  • Width 24.40 inch (3609)
  • Height 6.49 inch (3608)
  • Contour adjustable from 16.14 inch to 44.88 inch (3608)

The Handi safety strap is intended to provide the user with partial or full support during movement. It is available in two versions: open and closed. The open strap is ideal for uses such as moving a person's legs in bed or positioning a person further up the bed (in combination with the Handi-slide). The closed strap is ideal for use in walking. The strap, which passes around the user's waist, is fitted with handles. This enables the caregiver to better assist the user and to catch any collapse in an ergonomically responsible manner.

product information sheet
general product information and technical specifications (PDF - 190 KB)


Handi-Move has developed a series of aids for use in repositioning patients in bed or small manual movements, which reduce the effort required for the job. All of these handy aids are classified under the same name: Handi-Slides.Reduced caretaker burden due to reduced friction.Saves your back.Fosters self-reliance (with wheelchair–toilet or wheelchair–car transfers).Easy to use and machine washable.

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