New Freedom Bridge

SUREHANDS® track systems are designed to allow our ceiling motors to transfer people with reduced mobility at home or in places of work, care, education, or recreation. When designed by one of our professionally trained and authorized representatives, these systems maximize the possibilities for our customers.

Now, because of the new Freedom Bridge, it’s possible to have the advantages of a ceiling mounted track system without having to mount to the ceiling! When set up as a freestanding system, the new Freedom Bridge can be a temporary solution in your home, or for use in a rental apartment or other situation where mounting into the ceiling or wall is not possible.

The design of the Freedom Bridge allows our installer to customize it to gain the most from the room layout. Sturdy uprights are easily cut when desired to ensure the ideal height. The rail can also be cut to room dimensions. The Freedom Bridge is easily assembled, and therefore can be easily removed, when necessary. The Freedom Bridge is also compatible with all current SureHands ceiling and portable style motors.

The Freedom Bridge

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