General statement to our customers about our measures for the COVID-19 virus

We hope all of our incredible customers are as safe and healthy as possible during this difficult time in the world. We want to make sure to reiterate that our services and capabilities to assist those in need has not been halted due to current event. If you have any issues or concerns please contact us and we will be sure to assist in any way possible.

Current Guidance to our technicians and representatives in the field:

Because we provide crucial support and services for our customers who require our lifts to perform basic daily functions, we understand that even under these circumstances the necessity for an onsite visit to restore function to their lift system. Here are a few suggestions for making your visit as safe as possible to the customer and the representative:

1. Discuss whether anyone has been in contact with an individual who has been sick with the Corona Virus in the last 14-21 days.

2. Determine if it is feasible to operate in a closed environment in order to limit the person to person exposure.

3. Representative should wear proper PPE such as gloves and boot covers.

4. Use hand sanitizer before and after the site visit.

5. We understand to execute a sales evaluation that the social distancing (6 feet) rule is difficult to follow, please try to adhere to the CDC guideline when possible.

6. Avoid shaking hands.

7. Disinfect the lift system before beginning any work and after the work is completed.

8. Communicate over the telephone if possible during the site visit.

9. Attempt to do digital signatures when possible. If not then use your own pen and set the paperwork down to avoid contact. 

By following the guidelines above you promote safety for the customer and the representative. If at any time a member of either party does confirm they or someone in the home has been exposed to a person with symptoms please notify SureHands immediately so we can assess the best possible solution.

The SureHands team


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