What types of lifts are there for transferring?

Ceiling lifts, mobile lifts and permanently mounted lifts...

There are 3 types of lift systems for carrying out transfers of people with a limited mobility:

  1. Ceiling lifts
  2. Mobile lifts
  3. Permanently mounted lifts

Ceiling patient lifts

The type of system depends on the structure of the building (ceiling, walls ...) and on the part of the room(s) where lifting is needed (toilet, bed, bath,...). For example, one can opt for systems that are permanently mounted in the wall, in the ceiling or even completely free-standing arrangements.

These systems are increasingly implemented for the following benefits.

  • Faster in use
  • Is used more frequently
  • Takes up less space
  • Less strain for the caregiver
  • Moving independently is possible

Mobile patient lifts

Mobile patient lifts (the ‘steel nurses’) exist in various sizes and with very different weight limits. 

There are restrictions when using a mobile patient lift:

  • The legs of the lift must fit under the bed, bath,...
  • Takes up floor space
  • Not suitable for small spaces and on different floors
  • There must be a good surface for the wheels of the lift

With mobile systems, we mainly see a distinction between ACTIVE and PASSIVE lifts. The use of an active lift is applicable to persons who still have a minimal supporting function and sufficient balance and torso stability to keep themselves upright. A passive lift system is used for persons who are unable to cooperate or who can not cooperate sufficiently.

Permanently mounted patient lifts

These permanently mounted lifts are very often offered in very specific circumstances, including in smaller rooms, in specific environments (horse riding, swimming pool...). These often discrete lifts only require a simple installation. The lifting range is more limited.

The most common permanently mounted lifts are:

  • Pool lifts
  • Wall lifts
  • Bath lifts 

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