Slings aren’t all the same???

Sometimes people ask why we’re confident SureHands slings are the best slings you can buy. There are two main reasons: exceptional design and superior quality.

Our claim of “exceptional design” seems vague, but it’s something we can actually prove to be true. Handi-Move, the manufacturer of SureHands slings, has created slings that literally no one else makes. These unique slings demonstrate a commitment to providing solutions for more people with mobility disabilities. Through our 30+ years, we have learned about people’s needs in a variety of different situations, leading to the design of new slings to meet those needs.

The quality of any sling determines how long it will perform just as it did when it was new. Our slings are exposed to a vigorous testing process with higher standards than any government regulation. In fact, each sling prototype is tested 30,000 times with a human form manakin that weighs 770 pounds. These tests are broken down into 4 sets of 7,500 tests in different positions to ensure the strength and durability of the slings. After all 30,00 tests are done, the sling is then inspected in accordance with our yearly inspection checklist.

What if one of our highly tested and exceptionally designed slings is close to what you want, but not exactly what you’re looking for? We can custom alter the sling to give you a perfect fit. Add some padding here, remove an inch of fabric there, change the head support size, and now I have my ideal sling! All we need to do is make two of the sling you design; one for testing, and the other is for you.

Do you still think all slings are the same? Let one of our experts come to your home to show you the difference. Contact us to schedule a free in-home demonstration.

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