Quality of Motors and Slings

The ultimate test of any product is if you recommend it to a loved one. SureHands employees can truly say we would want a loved one to use our motors and slings, should the need occur. We know the innovative designs, quality materials used, attention paid to details, and the extensive testing done to produce the longest lasting and best lift & care systems on the market.

Ceiling Motors

Quality is defined as the measurement of one item against other similar items. SureHands ceiling motors have a usable lifespan over twice as long as any other manufacturer, when used in similar conditions. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with using equipment on a daily basis that you know will last that much longer than any other product. That’s proof of the quality of our motors. Plus, factor in these additional attributes of owning a SureHands system:

  • Lifting can be done from the floor (including mobile lifts)
  • Smooth and quiet operation, that also raises and lowers quickly
  • Easy to access motor casing to change the long-lasting batteries
  • Wireless and wired hand controls, along with back-up controls located on the motor


Many manufacturers meet government requirements for product testing, but not many perform 4 times the amount of required testing to create their own standard of excellence. A prototype of each sling we make is washed 10 times in an industrial washing machine, and then tested thirty-thousand times (30,000) with a 770-pound weight in 4 different positions. After competing all 30,000 tests, the sling is reviewed in accordance with our yearly inspection checklist to meet a quality standard unparalleled in our industry.

But wait, there’s more…we also have a destructive load test to see if the sling can be broken. The sling is gradually tested to a maximum weight of just over 2,865 pounds. In the rare cases where a sling does break under this immense pressure, the research and development team learns how to make enhances to develop an even higher quality product.

Also, keep in mind that we can make your sling to meet any measurement you request (truly custom-made slings).

Quality and longevity are the primary reasons people across the United States are now using their second or third SureHands ceiling motors and slings (we’ve been doing this a while…over 30 years). We appreciate our customers’ loyalty and never take for granted that people want the very best for themselves and those they care for each and every day.

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