Our systems provide dignity. Our representatives offer caring assistance.

caring assistance


It’s what separates SureHands representatives from the rest. It’s who we are. Years of working one-on-one with PWD has shown us what is really important to a family. Respect and caring is what you experience with SureHands. Representatives who are comfortable and confident to work with end users, caregivers and family to understand your needs.

SureHands has a philosophy of empowerment and strives to offer outstanding service. We do all the necessary things to provide an excellent experience, such as visiting your home for a free demonstration, talk to the family about their needs and ensure the solution is appropriate. Whether it’s a wall lift, a mobile lift or a custom designed ceiling lift system, or whether it’s an Independent user with a Body Support or attendant care with a specialty sling, you can count on SureHands to match your needs. Our people care at every phase of the process and want to help you reach your goals.

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