High Hopes in Connecticut installs a SureHands Lift & Care System

In 1993, High Hopes in Connecticut became the first therapeutic riding center to install a SureHands Lift & Care System. Many years and hundreds of systems later, it’s always amazing to hear from therapists, staff, and volunteers who marvel at how a SureHands lift adds to their riding programs.

By including older children and adults with physical disabilities, a SureHands system permits a riding center to better serve their community. How significant, since therapeutic riding offers a unique opportunity for growth and development, including improved movement, gross motor skills, and trunk control…as well as building confidence.

It's no wonder so many PATH members look to SureHands to provide a patient lift. The synergy of a SureHands motor and Body Support provide a safe and easy way to utilize therapeutic riding for all people. Programs for children, adults, and veterans have successfully utilized the Body Support, which allows for perfect posture to mount a horse. Imagine as the person is lifted, the padded cups automatically self-adjust to the individuals size and weight, while leaving the waist and buttocks unobstructed. When the rider is lowered onto the horse, the Body Support creates a natural separation of the legs to easily straddle the horses back. Mounting the horse is not only made safer for the rider, but also for the therapist, volunteers, and even the horse.

The Body Support is only one reason therapeutic riding centers love SureHands,
there’s more…

  • Lift options, such as fixed ceiling motors, portable ceiling motors, wall lifts, and freedom bridges, accommodate the different needs of different people and facilities.
  • Various sling options, for those users who need a different choice.
  • SureHands dealers and representatives have the experience to navigate the unique obstacles a riding facility may encounter. Through planning, installation, and even training for staff and volunteers, SureHands is dedicated and offers guidance throughout the entire process.

Our 25 years of enriching lives is best expressed by the professionals from therapeutic riding centers. Review some of their articles and discover how they describe the impact of their SureHands lift. It’s heartwarming to see firsthand how SureHands is an important part of their goal to provide a positive experience for people with physical challenges.

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