Does Commitment to Service Matter to You?

What differentiates a company you love from those you avoid?


Often, we think of the product we buy and forget about how the company handles service.  SureHands knows how important using our systems every day is for our customers, and the need to minimize any downtime.  Our team of product experts prioritize fast and accurate service because we know that is a primary reason why people repeatedly choose us.

  • Proper diagnosis of each situation to identify the issue
  • Excellent documentation and product knowledge to fix the issue at the home or facility
  • Repair parts are well stocked for quick turnaround times.

In addition to quick solutions for technical issues, SureHands always provides detailed training sessions for each system with the end user and caregivers.  Our goal is to ensure proper use the equipment and to answer any questions.  We also provide in-services to train new facility staff, or residual training for existing caregivers.

Yearly inspections is another service offered for all of our systems.  Customers are happy to hear we will come to their home to complete a factory authorized checklist that reviews the components and safety of their equipment.

All of these services help make SureHands the industry leader for over 30 years!

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