Wall-to-Wall™ lift systems


A quick solution for toilet transfers

  • Portable lifting options
  • Wall or floor mounted
  • Easy to remove and re-use
  • Perfect for areas where access is restricted
  • Accommodates both the SureHands® Body Support and conventional slings
  • Extendible boom arm
  • Rotating range 180°
  • An economical solution

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Wall-to-Wall™ Lift System with the assistance of a caregiver

With the wall lift one caregiver can put a person with limited mobility from the wheelchair into the bed, the bath, the toilet, ...

Multiple mounting options

The Wall-to-Wall™ Lift system is easy to install. Existing homes often have technical limitations whereby certain lift solutions require modifications. This is not the case for the Wall-to-Wall Lift system as it can literally be mounted anywhere. If the wall or partition is not strong enough, SureHands will install a post.

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No modifications to your home

Is your bath not accessible underneath with a mobile lift? Is your ceiling too low or not strong enough for a rail system? In order to use the Wall-to-Wall™ Lift System, no modifications are required to your home. Everything remains as it is.

Economical and multi functional

As the Wall-to-Wall™ Lift System can be used in different places, it offers an economical solution. One boom arm can be used in, for example, the bathroom, bedroom or other areas. The Wall-to-Wall Lift System may be installed between the bath and toilet, making them both accessible in a single move. The Wall-to-Wall Lift System can be used with the spreader bar or sling.


Adequate lifting range

The Wall-to-Wall™ Lift System has a 180° rotating range, an extendible boom arm and an adequate lifting range. The extension further increases flexibility and the lifting range.

Safe and reliable

The Wall-to-Wall™ Lift System has a built-in safety mechanism. The emergency down feature enables the boom arm to be lowered at all times. In addition, the manual control is waterproof. The Wall-to-Wall Lift System operates from AC mains and has an emergency stop.

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The outreach of the arm can be adjusted continuously and ensures an adequate lifting range. If the wall is not strong enough, the lift can also be fitted to a post between the floor and the ceiling. The same wall lift can be used in different rooms.

Wall-to-wall lift

Wall-to-wall lift

Therapeutic horseback riding activities

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